To my connections on Linkedin and Facebook.  I’ve been loath to post too much information, due to anxiety related to the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board.

The board informs us that they regularly review our Facebook and Linkedin entries for misrepresentations, soliciting, commenting on privileged communications, prohibited comments about judges, and a host of other misadventures associated with posting. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to continue the column that I once produced for Patch News, entitled “ Senior News and Resources.” The topics of discussion will be events and issues that affect Pennsylvania seniors and those who care about them. In particular: legal issues, medical issues, financial issues, housing issues.

Within each of the major categories, there will be subdivisions for laws- including proposed laws; recent court cases; links to community resources; links to private resources. I am looking forward to lots of interviews and video!

Posts on our firm’s web page (www.lifespanlegal.come) will carry over to Linkedin. Anyone can subscribe to my posts via my firm’s web page, our Facebook page, or Linkedin. If anyone would like to see a particular topic covered, please let me know!