Guidebook available to Pennsylvania’s family caregivers

To help address caregiver issues and to better respond to the needs of family caregivers, the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) partnered with the Pennsylvania Homecare Association (PHA) to distribute a new, helpful resource for caregivers. PHA, which represents more than 700 home health, hospice and homecare agencies across the state, developed a free 48-page guidebook, titled “Secrets No One Told You About Family Caregiving.” The guidebook features tips, tricks and helpful hints for caregivers caring for a loved one, including how to prepare your home for care, equipment that helps and ways to help make ends meet. This resource book is available to family caregivers and PHA member agencies to order and distribute in their communities.

More than 1.8 million Pennsylvanians are family caregivers. On a daily basis, these individuals work in conjunction with professional caregivers from homecare, home health and hospice agencies so that their loved ones can stay at home and have care provided safely and efficiently. Family caregiving is not an easy job, and this resource is designed to answer questions and offer advice about caregiving. To order the book or find out more about family caregiving, call 800-382-1211 ext. 21 or email